Devastating week ahead

On Monday 6th January our city’s librarians will attend a briefing meeting at which Wolverhampton Council’s latest proposals will be presented. On 8th January Cabinet will meet and rubber stamp the proposals which have passed through a vague and irrelevant scrutiny process. These proposals will see our city’s librarians cut by half and library opening hours cut. At a time of austerity and necessary cuts, Wolverhampton’s librarians and library service have been singled out for the harshest treatment. Wolverhampton Council’s proposals constitute a closure by stealth and a betrayal of pledges made in previous communications by Wolverhampton Council. In 2012 Wolverhampton Council told library campaigners that the plans to create ‘community hubs’ would be an improvement and transformation of the library service. The Council’s plans were thoroughly scrutinised by Save Wolverhampton Libraries Action Group who saw that the plans were a hollowing out of the service. At the time, those of us who campaigned to protect our city’s libraries and librarians were mocked and villified by some senior council officers and councillors. Our campaign group’s prescience saw that the 2012 plans were only the start of further cuts. However, even our worst predictions could not have seen ahead to the devastation that the council’s current proposals will bring about. Our group’s gravest concerns centre around the effect on education and the increase in the city’s digital divide. There are very serious questions to be asked regarding safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults which the council’s scrutiny process has failed to even raise as an issue. The poorest and most vulnerable of our city’s residents will be worst affected. A very dark week lies ahead.

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