What your library and community centre means to you

One of the remarkable things about Wolverhampton Council’s proposals for Community Hubs is the way in which it has bought library users, community centre representatives and residents from all across the city together to work to protect our much loved vital community services. The branch libraries of Wolverhampton contain nearly 200,000 books, but there are far more stories contained in our libraries than you’ll find in the books on the shelves. Every person who uses a library has their own story to tell about what it means to them. Every person who uses a community centre has a story to tell about the value its adds to their community. Here are some of the stories from the campaigns so far. Send us your story and we’ll include it here.


Staff, residents and volunteers all working together to save Warstones Resource Centre

Lead petitioner Ash Patel with Mike Nicholls community leader outside East Park library. Ash ran the East Park petition from his shop and collected 1000 signatures from local residents to save East Park Library from closure. Community spirit is alive and well on the East Park estate!

This word cloud was put together from the comments that local people made about the services provided to the community by the wonderful library and librarians at Finchfield.

Residents and library users gather together at Finchfield Library with some of our youngest story lovers from Finchfield Playgroup to hand over the ‘Hands Off Finchfield Library’ petition to Ward Councillors Andrew Wynne, Wendy Thompson and Joan Stevenson.

Over 2500 people from Penn have now signed the petition to keep their library open. The Save Penn Library petition was remarkable for the huge number of signatures it collected in just a few weeks. We know that a large number of people were responsible for this including the incredible Anita and Maria who led the way.

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