Petitions Update

Wolverhampton Council refused to give the third option of ‘no change’ when the hubs proposals were put to the now infamous ‘scrutiny meeting’ in July. The Citywide Action Group, along with residents, petitioners and campaigners found this unacceptable. In response we created the citywide ‘No to Hubs’ petition – this petition has now closed. Thanks to all those who have collected signatures or signed this petition. the final count was 3300 signatures. Warstones Resource Centre handed their petition in to the Council on 21st November with over 6500 signatures.

The final count of signatures on petitions across the city is now well over 20 000. These are the latest figures for the various library petitions:

East Park                1000     Status: Handed In

Finchfield                1300     Status: Handed In

Ashmore Park 1     1000+  Status: Handed In

Ashmore Park 2     1200+  Status: Handed In

Warstones 1            1300    Status: Handed In

Warstones 2            1200+     Status: Handed In

Whitmore Reans      500+     Status: Handed In

Low Hill                     1100+ Status: Handed In

Collingwood               500+   Status: Handed In

Spring Vale                1000+ Status: Handed In

Penn                           3200+ Status: Handed in

The ‘No to Hubs’ petition was handed over the the Council on 15th October. Along with Save Penn Library campaigners, the Citywide Action Group spoke at full council with the result that Penn Library was saved and the unwanted plans to create community hubs went ahead as planned.

Petitions were also been handed in for Dasiy Bank Community Centre and Portobello Community Centre.

The petitions across the city were raised spontaneously by concerned residents who predicted the devastation that Wolverhampton City Council’s proposals would bring to branch library services and community centres. This citywide raising of petitions was an amazing example of how strongly residents wished to express their support for our precious services. Council officers decried library campaigners are ‘scaremongering’ yet even the worst predictions of campaigners in 2012 could never have foreseen the utter devastation that the current 2014 plans to cut 50% of the city’s librarians will bring to the library service.

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