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The current budget proposals including the plans to cut 50% of the city’s librarians, charge for internet use after the first hour and make the Education Library Service self-financing can be found via the following link:

There is no point putting a link to the council’s scrutiny process where the proposals were supposedly scrutinised. Why is there no point? Because the sum total of the council’s scrutiny was the following:

  • to wonder whether an hour of free internet use is enough for a person to fill in their form for Universal Credit
  • To wonder who would meet the cost of moving the Education Library Service from the current Parkfield site that has now been found to be unfit for purpose as a community hub

2012 saw the now infamous ‘Hubs Consultations’. At these consultation meetings officers and councillors from Wolverhampton Council shouted down anybody who voiced common sense, informed, intelligent objections to the plans to create ‘Community Hubs’. Time and again, residents requested detailed costing and flagged up practical objections to the council’s ill-conceived plans. Library campaigners were told that verbatim minutes would be taken at the meetings – no such minutes were taken. The links below are what was put together by LNP officers acting for the council. Yes, it was a difficult task for the officers but the minutes do not reflect the nature of opposition to the hubs proposals.

Notes Bilston North Community Hubs Consultation-St Chads Parish centre 021012

Heathfield Park Meeting Minutes

Whitmore Reans Community Hubs Meeting Minutes 2 10 2012

Oxley Bushbury North

Wednesfield & Fallings Park

Low Hill Scotlands CHubs Meeting

Springvale Community Hubs Consultation 08102012 most recent

The Citywide Action Group’s response to some of the Council’s claims for Community Hubs can be read here:Community Hubs Mythbuster

FECH’s report on the potential impact of community hubs can be downloaded here: FECH Community Hubs and Libraries Report

Public Libraries News is a great site which holds absolutely tons of information about libraries under threat across the country:

Voices for the Library is well worth a visit:

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