Wolverhampton’s Libraries – a final tribute

The Citywide Libraries and Community Centres Action Group would like to thank all those who helped and contributed last year when such strenuous efforts were made in Wolverhampton to save our libraries and librarians.

Ultimately there were winners and losers. A minority saw themselves as winners, welcomed the council’s plans to create community hubs and celebrated when the council voted to go ahead with those plans. Sadly, the wonderful branch librarians who have contributed so much in so many ways over decades have been the biggest losers – and, of course, when we lose our librarians, we all lose out.

Although we will not be updating this website with further posts, it will remain live as a tribute to our librarians who in council-speak have now been ‘deleted’.


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1 Response to Wolverhampton’s Libraries – a final tribute

  1. patricia webb says:

    Appalling news. Why has the cut in library opening hours not been made fairly. It seems that the more affluent areas have come out better than the poorer areas. This flies in the face of adversity. Having been a labour supporter all of my life, it seems woverhampton council have adopted conservative policies ‘we’re all in this together’ but some are more in it than others. I can understand that this is down to government cuts but you our labour councillors have not made these cuts fairly. Shame on you.

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